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The Parsonage

A Home Away From Home

Our pastors and their families are encouraged to use the parsonage as a serene retreat while serving at the Lake James Lutheran Chapel. The newly renovated home provides a peaceful haven where they can rest, recharge, and enjoy quality time together. Surrounded by the natural beauty of our 101 Lakes, the parsonage offers a welcome respite from the demands of ministry. We hope our pastors will take advantage of this special opportunity to create lasting memories with their loved ones in this picturesque setting.


Our Story

In 2023, the chapel celebrated its 95th anniversary. The parsonage, built in the 1930s, had seen minimal upgrades over the years. After careful consideration, the LJLCA members agreed a complete interior remodel was long overdue. Construction began in Fall 2023, transforming the parsonage into a serene retreat for our guest pastors and their families beginning Summer 2024.

The $95,000 renovation, funded by generous donations from our congregation and a matching grant from The Lutheran Foundation, provides a comfortable, well-appointed residence close to the church. We look forward to many years of guest pastors enjoying this special retreat as we continue our 95-year tradition of summer ministry at the Lake James Lutheran Chapel. Thank you for your support, which makes it possible to maintain this beautiful property and provide a welcoming home away from home for our visiting pastors and their families.

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