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Lake James Lutheran Chapel 

September 7, 2020 – Fall Meeting Minutes 

Linn opened with prayer followed by a devotion by Rev. Paul Shoemaker, chapel advisor. 

The minutes of the May 3rd Spring Meeting and the June 7th Special Meeting were approved and seconded by Bert Schultz and Dean Bruick as sent out via email. 

The treasure’s report was given by Neal. Colleen Kracht moved and it was seconded to approve. 

Membership requests from Bruce & Kathy Pickering & Family, Robert Morrison and Norma Schuler, Andy & Cathy Carr, Mike & Leslie Carr, and Jon & Sarah Koch were approved. 

John Schoedel reported that LJLC had 75 surveys filled in and returned.  There were manyl comments and also liked having the benches spread around outside. 

Cleaners/Greeters went well this year and Carol Bruick will continue setting those up for 2021. 

Bert S. moved and Bob McNeal seconded to continue getting the boat license ($25) for next year. 

The Fort Wayne Lutheran continued throughout the summer to advertise our LJLC Pastors schedule.  Since Donna Volmerding will be retiring it may be an “Online” publication only next year. 

We should continue to advertise where we can to help people know about the summer services at the chapel.  Micah Prochaska moved and it was seconded to start a Facebook Page and also a Web site for LJLC.  Chris Winkler volunteered to do the Facebook and Lori Cole will do the WEB page. 

It was nice having bulletins this summer (because of COVID) but seemed to be appreciated by all. 

Rick Losher said the parking lot got new stone this year, several benches were thrown away. 

Want to thank Randy & Wendy Bruick for the flowers, around the chapel and taking care of those and the shrubs throughout the summer.  The flowers looked great. 

A discussion was had on the parsonage (built in 1931).  Jon Niemeyer gave a report on possibly rebuilding a new one or to try and remodel the present one with a larger bathroom and a different stairway.  After much discussion, it was moved and seconded for Jon to go ahead and have an inspection of the foundation, etc. with an amount of not exceeding $5K  to see if it is even feasible to remodel or tear down and start over would be the best option. 

A motion was also made and seconded to have a survey of pastors/congregations to see if the chapel area would be feasible for anyone to use other times during the year.  Passed 

Also moved and seconded to have a committee to do a strategic plan as to why or what needs to be done with the cottage by the Spring Meeting. 

Nancy and Neal agreed to continue for another 2 years as secretary and treasurer. 

Dave Clary, Jon Niemeyer and Rick Losher agreed as trustees for an additional two years, along with the others, and Patrick Cole will join them taking Bert Schultz place as he is retiring.  Frank Hartman and Dave Clary will continue also.  Tom Gerbers and Dan Schmidt moved and seconded to accept all and it was passed. 

It was moved and seconded to have a Facebook page – Chris Winkler and WEB page- Lori Cole will get those two things up and going. 

Carol Bruick agreed to get the greeters and cleaning people again for 2021.  Not sure about Alberta Melcher being in charge of the flowers.  Nancy will check with her. 


There was discussion about the use of the chapel and cottage outside of the Sunday usage for services and pastors using the cottage.  It was moved and seconded to have officers and trustees or a committee of people do a strategic plan as to what could be done then to initiate a survey to congregations to see if this might be something that they might be interested in using throughout the year.  Passed. 

For the 2021 Season of opening the facility the following dates were given: 

May 1 – Clean Up 

May 15 – Rain Date 

May 16 – Meeting Date 


Respectfully submitted 

Nancy Losher, Secretary 


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